Botanizing the Asphalt ft. Nanna Debois Buhl (#111)


Welcome back, and happy New Year to all! We have a great artist and incredibly sweet human on the show today; Nanna Debois Buhl. I have gotten to know her a bit over the last year or so and the more I hear about what she does, and how she does it, the more I fall in love with her work. It’s thoughtful, well-researched and also very tactile, which I find to be a rare combination today. Often it’s hard for artists to lean equally on research and material when creating projects, and it’s something I think a lot about it terms of my own work. And so those are the themes of the conversation today, and I think you’ll find it really interesting. She also currently has works up in two different exhibitions, check below for links to those and other cool stuff. She is open hearted and very generous in the way she talks about her process, so let’s get straight to it. Enjoy!

All images courtesy the artist