A Strange Business ft. Niels Pugholm (#110)


Greetings and salutations friends, nice to be back for another episode here. Things are cranking along here, you might have noticed that we have started to make some changes, especially on the website. But first, let’s talk about the guest today, Niels Pugholm. We were introduced to him through a captivating artist run space out in Valby, (an outer neighborhood of CPH) called KVADRAT16, and we sat down and talked right before he opened his show there. He a thoughtful, interesting artist who has been super active the last couple of years, popping up here and there with some wry and interesting shows. The only other news is really to ask you to excuse the mess while we build a new site. We are making some major changes to basically everything except this program, so stay tuned, we hope to unveil everything next week! In the meantime, please enjoy the talk with Niels Pugholm, and go check out his show at KVADRAT16!

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