A Different Time ft. Todd James (#112)


One of the great things about making this show is the wide variation in experiences and interests we get to hear from the guests. After Nanna last time, we have a completely different type of artist on the show today, with a very different kind of story. It’s nice, because as artists, you slowly start to realize that there isn’t a single way forward, or a rule, or a technique to“make it”. So in that spirit, we have Todd James on the show today. Todd is a really interesting artist, because he has been able to straddle so many different worlds throughout his career, and that is something a lot of people are afraid of doing, perhaps feeling that it would somehow dilute what they do, or confuse an audience. Todd doesn’t seem to have that fear. His credits are many, his skill plentiful, so let’s just get straight to our talk with him. Enjoy!

And don't forget his show up at Eighteen Gallery until the 24th Feb, 2018!

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