Inclusion ft. Joachim Fleinert (#29)


After a nice week of restructuring and thinking about the program, we are back and stronger than ever! We are joined today by the inquisitive and able artist Joachim Fleinert who is currently showing at the Hasselblad Center in Gothenberg, Sweden with an ambitious project. He is also currently showing during Riga Photo Month. He has recently returned to Copenhagen after a stint in both Sweden and England. Join us as we talk about moving away, coming home, building networks and the beauty of 100 year old images. And of course, we talk about his work. We are introducing a topic for each episode from now on which will serve as a talking point and a conversation starter with the guests and hopefully guide us to a clearer understanding of the person in the armchair. The topic for today is Inclusion, which we used as an opportunity to bitch! Good times.

Selected Works By Joachim: