FALLUCKA #5 - Ed Templeton


In FALLUCKA #5 we meet Ed Templeton, artist and skater from Huntington Beach California; Our conversation is dived into three episodes, so if you like this one, hear more of our conversation in FALLUCKA #6 & 7. In this first episode I meet Ed Templeton and his wife Deanna Templeton for the first time. I have wanted to meet Ed for a long time and is a great admirer of his works. I was truly a bit nervous when I, together with my photographer Tobias Plass, picked them up both at a hotel in Copenhagen. I have invited them home to me as I have a little surprise that I would like to show Ed. This conversation takes place in my smashed Audi.

Find more pictures for this section at Instagram account @FALLUCKA_cph. Enjoy.

Thanks to Tobias Plass for pictures for this episode.