About Future Preservation

I find that art offers an immersion and a prism through which we can experience the world. Art contains an opening and an opportunity to see the world through another’s point of view. In my opinion artists can be seen as a seismographs registering and processing the world surrounding us. This is why art is so important to me. I wish to communicate some of the experiences I have with art and artists for others to explore.

Over the past 15 years of working with artists, I have witnessed the transformative powers of art and how it can touch people and make a difference. My greatest inspiration is in the transformation that takes place when one individual reach others trough the power of creation. In artists ability of making the personal become the universal, through an artistic intervention.  And in the strength of getting an idea and making this a reality. 

I have worked on art projects realized in churches, below the ground, on buildings and in public space and I have commissioned artworks on mountain tops and in the darkness of the night. It is rewarding to support and operate in a world that ultimately knows no boundaries and where dreams can be realized.

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