Cultural Bandwidth is the first podcast network about art in the world

Cultural Bandwidth is a podcast platform for a visual world. It is a Nordic platform and community for the arts. It is audio/visual and aims to support and communicate arts to a wider English speaking audience from a Scandinavian perspective.

Today, most communication about art comes to us via commercial sites and/or news media which mentions a given artist when he or she is having an exhibition or is of relevance at a given point in time. We want to dig a little deeper than the news perspective, as artists are working and exploring possibilities within their chosen mediums at all times. Not simply when working towards an exhibition. Everyday thinking and experimentation is happening inside and outside the artists studio.

Embedded on the site will be a broad representation of the art world, an existing podcast, The Undergang Armchair led by Ando, a conversation with artists about their practice. By The Way is a podcast presented by Eric Wall where news about the art world is presented and dissected. In addition, there will be a visual section Future Preservation where Therese Maria Gram presents visual (or other medium) artists, museums, art books, art collections or other subjects in relation to art practice.

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